Our Mission

We believe that technological advances in computer vision, AI, and robotics can fundamentally change how companies manage their risk and operations, setting a new standard for the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of our economy

Your security cameras have unlocked potential to gather valuable data in ways not possible before

But currently that data is challenging to collect, disconnected, and difficult to analyze. We want to change that. Our computer vision and AI solutions bring real-time visibility and insights to your operations.

Working towards a world with zero injuries

Our technology can have a significant impact on improving your safety standards and reducing your loss costs. 24/7 video monitoring enables on-site personnel to address concerns in real-time and analyze past incidents with detailed data and reports.

The Team

We partner with companies to improve the quality and safety of their workplaces. Our team brings deep expertise in AI, safety engineering, and risk management, having built products at leading organizations such as Google, Uber, XPO, Waymo, and AIG.

Voxel enables your security cameras to automatically identify potential workplace hazards, high-risk activities, and operational inefficiencies , allowing on-site personnel to address concerns in real-time.

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